6 Top Responsive Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress – 2020


Kadirul islam

On May 4, 2020

In this article I will explain more about the all the responsive social sharing plugins for wordpress, and give you complete depth details about the plugins.

1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is one of the most used and popular social sharing plugins. It has many great features that make this plugin one of the top social sharing plugin. 

Social Warfare is very easy to use, even a beginner can configure it without getting any problem at any stage.

Here the features that give you the idea of why you should buy this plugin:

  • To add and remove the social network, there is a Drag & drop feature available.
  • It shows Twitter share count (unique feature)
  • Multiple placement options: You can add the sharing button both below or above your content, including floating share buttons.
  • It automatically creates short links by using your Bitly account.
  • It also supports analytics tracking, so that you know how much traffic you get from social sharing.
  • The Frame buster feature helps you to stop others from framing your content.
  • You can easily add ‘Pin It’ button to all images of your blog
  • This plugin helps you recover all the old share counts of your content. (If you change your Domain or move to https)
  • It is mobile responsive too.

You can use its free version but if you want access to all its awesome features then you should go for the pro version.



Free (Link)
Paid: $29 (for one site) (Link)

2. Social Snap

Social Snap is the latest social media sharing plugin for WordPress, with tons of features. You add buttons for 30+ social networks in various spots. It gives you placement options like inline buttons, floating sidebar, share hub, and sticky bar. 

Total and individual share counts both are available in Social Snap. You can also set minimum share counts and recover old share counts. (In case you change your domain or move to https). 

It is probably the best alternative plugins of Social Warfare.

Like any other plugins, the free version of Social Snap has limited features. to access all the features it offers hove to go for the paid version which is definitely a good deal.



Free (Link)
Paid: $39 and $99 (with all add-ons) (Link)

3. Monarch

Monarch is a paid WordPress Social Media plugin from Elegant Themes.

You can add social media sharing buttons in various places on your blog through this plugin, including ‘flight’. Generally, Fly-ins used for adding email subscriptions, but you can use this option for social media sharing as well.

Also, you can easily customize the style of your buttons as well as allow you to add social follow buttons by using widgets or shortcodes. 

To get this plugin you need to buy the Elegant Themes membership. After that, you can access all of their themes and premium plugins.



Paid: $89 (including all Elegant Themes products) (Link)

4. Add to any

AddtoAny is another social sharing WordPress plugin. It offers over 100 more sharing and social media platforms. Add to Any is popular for its Universal Sharing feature. It allows the users,  share to a huge variety of networks just by clicking the universal icon (+). 

This plugin offers both floating and standard social sharing bars. You can add buttons in posts before/after content as well as both Vertical and Horizontal Floating Share Bar.

Another best feature of this plugin is that it allows you to track social share count using Google Analytics. Also, it supports AMP.



Free.  (Link)


Sassy Social Share plugin is one of the easy to use social sharing plugin for WordPress. It has unique button styles with tons of options. It supports many different social media websites. You can add buttons in posts before/after content as well as a sticky floating share bars.

This plugin supports the social share count feature too but you have to use a third-party service to recover old share stats.

Now let’s talk about its icon styles. Sassy has three basic icon styles: square, rectangle, or rounded buttons. You can choose the positioning options from settings of the plugin for both standard and floating social bars.



Free (Link)
paid add-ons:  ~$9.99 each. (Link)

6.Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy social share is used by over 300,000 websites and is still one of the top-rated plugins in the Codecanyon repo. Easy Social Share released its new version with many cutting-edge features. 

It supports 50+ social networks, 52+ pre-made templates, 25+ animations, Social share count, Share count recovery.

You can customize the Tweets, Open Graph data, and more. It let you display a custom message after your content shares by a user. A/B testing also available. The analytics tracking feature helps you to track the traffic you get from social sharing.

This plugin offers a subscription form module that helps you to display an email opt-in with your share buttons and live chat feature through which you can display a live chat button for Skype Live Chat or Facebook Messenger.

The premium version of this plugin costs only $19, and you can install it on multiple websites. 



 Free (Link)
Paid: $19 (Link)

In conclusion: I hope I walk you through all the responsive social sharing plugins for WordPress, and give you complete details about the plugins.

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