8 Best WordPress Translation Plugins


Kadirul islam

On November 21, 2019

Do you want to create a multi-language website with WordPress, but still struggling to choose the best WordPress Translation plugin for this job?
Well, using a translation plugin is easy, but choosing the best translation plugin could be a little bit challenging, especially if you are a beginner.

WordPress offers you many powerful WordPress translation plugins by which you can easily add many different language contents to your site.
In this article, I will share the 8 best WordPress translation plugins that you can use for your multi-lingual websites. I’ll share the key features, pros, and cons of the plugins, which may help you to pick the best translation plugin for your WordPress website.

Best Multi-lingual WordPress Plugins

Unlike automated WordPress translation plugins, these multi-lingual plugins allow you to manually translate every aspect of your website, including content, theme, plugins, and more.

The following are my top picks for the best WordPress multi-lingual plugins to translate your entire website easily.


TranslatePress is a new WordPress multi-lingual plugin. It comes in both free and premium versions. The unique feature of translate press is its interface, which allows you to translate directly from the front-end. This interface looks similar to WordPress Customizer.
During translation, you can easily switch the languages, and the live preview also changes instantly.
You can also translate content, plugins, theme, and even meta-data without any changes in the interface. This plugin creates SEO friendly URLs for all your different translations, which means Google can crawl them and boost the Local SEO of your site.
TranslatePress has both automatic and manual translation. For automatic translation, the Google Translation API Used by the TranslatePress.
If you are the one who prefers manual translations, then this translation plugin is perfect for you. You can easily translate the text by yourself, or you can also assign a custom translator user role to any user on your website.

With the free version of TranslatePress, you can turn into a single language. It will be an excellent option for you to basic translation. However, if you want to translate your site into multiple different languages, then you’ll need the pro plans of TranslatePress, which is starting from €79. The pro plan will give you more control over SEO.

Pricing: Starting from €79 for a personal license.


WordPress multi-lingual plugin which is also known as WPML. It is a very popular premium translation plugin. It supports 60+ languages, and you can also add your language variant. You can translate the content, theme, posts, and more with WPML. WPML has both automatic and manual translation.
The translated version of your site by WPML is Fully SEO-Friendly. It allows you to translate your content by using a simple side-by-side editor.
WPML gives you the option of placing translations on the main domain, a sub-domain, or an entirely different domain for your website.
WPML comes in Multi-lingual CMS and Multi-lingual blog licensing plans. If you need eCommerce, custom fields, page builder support, managing translation teams, and some other features, then you’ll have to go to the multi-lingual CMS plan.
Its interface is very easy to use for managing multi-lingual content and add translations across your website. WPML supports all the custom fields, taxonomies, post types, and strings generated by your WordPress plugins and themes.
It also allows you to connect your website to third-party translation service providers. You can select which content needs to be translated and get it submitted directly to your site.

Pricing: $29 for Multi-lingual Blog version and $79 for Multilingual CMS.


Weglot launched in 2015 and became one of the most popular translation plugins to translate a website.
It is a little expensive because of its monthly pricing structure. However, it is very beneficial and has some great time-saving features. It works with Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, and more.
You can fully translate your site with Weglot, including little details like your Yoast SEO meta descriptions and titles.

In Weglot, you have to connect your WordPress site to the cloud-based Weglot service. After that, you have to choose your preferred language, site language, and the languages you want to add.
Weglot can automatically translate your entire site by using machine translation.
Other essential features include third-party translation services, WooCommerce support, language switcher button, and more.
In the free plan of Weglot, you can translate up to 2000 words in one language.

Pricing: Starting from €8.25 per month for one language and 10,000 Words. Their popular PRO plan supports universal languages and 200,000 words for €41 per month.


Polylang is very popular among free translation plugin for WordPress site. It is active on 400,000+ sites. It allows you to make a bilingual or multi-lingual WordPress website quickly.

Polylang has a simple interface. You can easily add translations for your pages, posts, widgets, and more. It does not help you to translate the WordPress plugins and theme of your site and doesn’t provide the eCommerce support. So you may need to buy a paid addon for that.

The free version lets you translate manually. But if you want to translate your site automatically, you have to integrate the Polylang with the separate Lingotek Translation plugin (from the same developer). With Polylang, you can choose one subdomain, one directory, or one domain per language.

For the translated versions of each language, Polylang allows you to set up SEO friendly URLs, and it works well with popular WordPress SEO plugins. For language selection, use the language switcher to your website on the sidebar widget.

There’s no doubt that Polylang is the best plugins in terms of features, but the author of the plugin doesn’t offer support for the free version.

Pricing: The base plugin is free. You can get a Pro version for €99 with a single site license.


MultilingualPress is a WordPress translation plugin and supports 174 languages, but it is slightly different than other translation plugins in this list.

It uses the built-in WordPress multisite network, instead of normal WordPress install for each language — for example, yourdomain.es, yourdomain.co.uk, yourdomain.de, etc.

The interface of the Multilingual Press is very easy to manage. It comes with a language switcher widget that allows your users to choose the language they want. After clicking their preferred language, they will be directed to that particular language site you’ve set up.

It supports pages, posts, taxonomies, custom post types, and more. It allows you to set up SEO friendly URLs.

Multi-lingual Press comes with no lock-in, meaning, when you disable the plugin, all your sites will work without losing any data.

Pricing: Starting from $199 / year for a single multi-site license.

6. Translate WordPress with GTranslate

In the list of free translation plugins, GTranslate is the most popular and easy to use than other plugins. It translates your website by using Google translation. It connects automatically to the Google translate API and can fetch translations for any given language.
You don’t need to create any separate multi-lingual version of your website. It is a time-saving plugin, and there are 103 languages available in the free version.
Instead of that, it allows you to add a drop-down language widget to translate your web pages quickly, or you can automatically translate content based on the user’s browser language.
But if you want to create a professional website with multi-lingual features, then you should go for the paid version of GTranslate which allows you to index the translated versions of your site and enable the SEO friendly URLs.

7.Google Website Translator

Google Website Translator plugin, translate your website contents by using the Google Translate API. You can use both a widget or an inline shortcode in Google Website Translator.

It is one of the fastest translation plugins. Here you can choose the languages that you want to show in the language widget.

The translated page will be shown to the users when the plugin detects it via their browser settings; otherwise, they have to select the language.

The translation is not so user-friendly, so it won’t help your site to rank the translated version.

8.Loco Translate

Loco Translate is also one of the popular WordPress translation plugins. It has 500,000+ active installs.
You can translate your WordPress Plugins and themes directly in your browser with Loco Translate. It has a very simple user interface. It contains two columns, one with original strings and the other for the translation.
Loco Translate is more focused on the localization. That’s why Loco Translate will an excellent option for you if you want to translate your site into your native language rather than many different languages.


My Pick of the Best WordPress Multilingual Plugin

If you’re looking for a multi-lingual WordPress plugin to translate content on your own website manually automatically, then we recommend making use of TranslatePress.

It is exceedingly beginner-friendly and very user-friendly, even for end users with no connection with conducting multi-purpose sites. It is optimized for SEO and functionality, just two features that would benefit your business while in the very long term.

For automatic WordPress Controls, we recommend using Translate WordPress using a Gtranslate plugin. It isn’t tricky to use, and even the completely free edition is very fantastic for the automatic dictionary.

Should I let search engines to indicator machine dictionary that is automatic?

Some translation plugins allow you to earn an automatic dictionary obtainable for search engines to index.

These devices’ translations are not very significant. They can be odd and also misleading sometimes. Allowing search engines to index this low-quality material is a wrong notion. Google will identify such articles also certainly will consider it as spam, so that would damage your website’s search positions.

However, for handbook website diagrams, indeed, that should genuinely let Google index your interpreted versions. Therefore, you are able to rank higher in regional SEO.

I hope this article assists you in finding the optimal/optimally WordPress translation applications for your own multi-lingual website. You can also desire to determine our practical advice about how best to improve your website targeted traffic.


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