How to Add a Posts on WordPress


Kadirul islam

On October 18, 2021

In this short article, I will show you how you can add a post on WordPress. It’s a very simple process, and anyone can do it on their first attempt. Let’s begin.

What is Post

Posts are the articles or blog entries that you share to offer up new content to your readers on your website. Generally, it displays in reverse order on the Homepage or Blog page of your site. 

Posts are not static and depend on the date; it changes as you update a new post. 

Usually, the latest post shows at the top, but you can mark any post as sticky, and it will appear at the top before any other posts.

You will also get comment fields beneath the post and are included in your site’s RSS feed.

How to Add a post on WordPress

First, you have to login into your WordPress admin panel. 

Now, there are three different ways that you can use to add a new post to your WordPress website.

  1. Using the WordPress toolbar or Admin bar (a small bar at the top of your screen).

Hover the cursor over the +New option on the Admin bar and select Posts and then Under +New >> Post

2.Using the Posts menu options in the left sidebar.

Hover the cursor over the Posts menu tab. It will reveal a set of submenu items.

  • Post- Here, you will get all the posts that exist on your website. 
  • Add new – This option is for adding/creating a new post.
  • Categories- Here, you can add/create categories 
  • Tags- Here, you can add tags 

Select All Posts. Posts >> All Posts.

Then, click on the Add New button at the top of that page.

Posts>> All Posts>> Add New.

3.Using the Posts menu options in the left sidebar.

Hover the cursor over the Posts menu tab and select Add New.

Choose any of these processes to go to the new post screen.

  1. Put your title for the post in the title box and put the content in the body section.
Add Title and Contents

2. After that select categories for that content and add tags

Add Categories and Tags

3. And Then, add the featured image here.

Add Featured Image

Check everything one more time and correct the mistakes if you make any, so your post get good result.

Once you’re done with everything, publish your post.

Publish Your Post

Congrats 👏, You learned how to create a post for your WordPress website 😊. 

Now, you can see your post on the blog page or homepage of your website.

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