How to rr Restore or recover deleted pages and posts in WordPress


Kadirul islam

On October 23, 2021

In this article, I’ll show you how to restore or recover deleted pages and posts in WordPress.

Sometimes we accidentally deleted a page or post on our WordPress websites. It can happen due to many different reasons.

Fortunately, you can easily recover deleted pages or posts on the WordPress website.

Here, I’ll guide you on how to do that.

So, let’s begin.

How to restore or recover deleted pages and posts in wordpress

Mostly, when you deleted pages and posts on the WordPress website, it doesn’t delete permanently. It moved into a trash folder.

In order to recover the deleted page or post, you have to go to the trash folder and restore it from there.

1. So, first, you have to log in to your WordPress admin panel.

2. Then go to Pages >> All Pages.

3. Here you have to select the ‘Trash’ tab to see all the deleted pages.

4. Now, look for the page that you want to recover and take your mouse over the page title. 5. There you will see two options.

(a) Restore (b) Delete Permanently

5. Select Restore, and now you go to Pages >> All Pages to check the page you restored.

6. You can also restore two or more pages at once by using the bulk actions feature. Just select all those items that you want to restore and choose the restore option from the bulk action drop-down menu.

7. Then click on the apply button.

That’s it. You have successfully restored the deleted page in WordPress Website.

** Similar 👆 process is used to restore deleted posts.

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