Top 7 contact form plugin for WordPress – 2020


Kadirul islam

On June 1, 2020

Nowadays everyone much confused by many WordPress contact form plugin, Because many hosting providers pre-install contact form as per there collaboration with the plugin provider.

But it’s not like that each form has a different purpose as per your need or requirements. I explained below about each form plugins.

Best wordpress contact form plugins:

  1. WPForms
  2. Ninja Forms
  3. Contact Form 7
  4. Gravity Forms
  5. Forminator
  6. Jetpack
  7. Everest Forms

1. WPForms

WPForms is a highly recommended WordPress plugin for building a contact form. Its drag and drop feature which makes this contact form plugin very easy to use. Even a beginner can build a contact form in a few minutes without having any problem. Also, you can edit the form template whenever you want to modify it.

You can create different kinds of forms with WPForms. Every form is responsive and mobile-friendly. You can also create email subscription forms and integrate them with popular email marketing services.

WPForms has built-in smart captcha and honeypot features that automatically prevent spam submissions.

After creating the form you can embed it anywhere on your website through shortcodes.



  • Free
  • Paid: $39-$299

2. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is also a feature-rich WordPress plugin. By using it’s drag and drop interface anyone can make a stunning design form easily and quickly. This contact form plugin gives you the freedom to build almost any kind of form you want like subscription forms, surveys, or anything else. It has a mobile-friendly interface.

Ninja Forms also takes care of managing form submissions for you right within the WordPress dashboard.

After creating the form you can embed it anywhere on your website through shortcodes. Each shortcode represents an individual form.

You can notify both yourself and the user by setting specific email notifications that sent out on successful form submissions. 

You can assign certain actions to form submission, like displaying a success message or even subscribing someone to a MailChimp list.



  • Free
  • Paid: $99-$499.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact form 7 is one of the popular and oldest contact form plugins in WordPress. It has over a million active installs and even many developers still using it. Because of its HTML interface, it gives freedom to the developer to make any kind of form they want through HTML coding. 

Yes, you must have the basic knowledge regarding HTML to create or customize your contact forms, There is no drag and drop feature in this plugin.

So if you know HTML coding then it will become very easy for you to add form fields like text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, dates, dropdown menus, and many more.

To be honest Contact form 7 is not difficult to use but it’s not simple like other contact form plugins.

However, because of its HTML structure, you can include elements like extra text or images between the fields of the form which is beneficial in some cases.

You can integrate Contact Form 7 with Google reCaptcha to prevent spam.

After building your form, simply add the shortcode on your website’s page or post wherever you want.

This WP contact form plugin gives you freedom when it comes to possible adjustments. 



  • Free

4.Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the original premium WordPress contact form plugins. You can create a simple contact form as well as multi-page forms (which great for the survey) with this plugin. Another awesome feature is that you can limit your user entries, in case you don’t need entries more than your decided number (like max. 25,50 entries). Also, you can create schedule forms and order forms.

You will get over thirty built-in fields in this contact form plugin. This will allows you to build almost any type of form you want.

Conditional logic is another big feature. It allows you to set your form to show or hide fields, buttons, and sections based on different selections made by the user. 



  • Paid: $59 to $259.

5. Forminator

Forminator is another contact form WordPress plugin that comes with drag and drop interface. With Forminator, you can quickly build a new form, and completely customize the form design in just a few clicks by using the appearance section.

Forminator is compatible with email management and marketing integrations like Trello, Mailchimp, Slack, Hubspot, AWeber, and more.

In the “Insert fields” option of this plugin, there are 24 unique field boxes available to create contact forms, calculations form, payment forms, real-time polls, feedback widgets, and quizzes.

To use it, select the type of form you’d like to create and add the form fields. After that customize the appearance, and embed the shortcode where you’d like to add it on the website. With this WordPress form plugin, you can create a different types of forms, including a calculator form for your eCommerce website.

DOWNLOAD Forminator:


  • Free

6. Jetpack

You may be using Jetpack right now for tracking your visitors and daily traffic update on your site. Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins which come with many different features like site performance update, site management, security modules tool, site stats, and reports, social network commenting system, etc.

It also has a contact forms module. You need to activate it form the setting section of Jetpack.

Creating a contact form with Jetpack is a little bit different than the other plugins on this list. Here you have to create a form on post or page through the standard WordPress editor screen. It is very easy to create contact forms with the Jetpack plugin.



  • Free
  • Paid:

7. Everest Forms

Everest Forms is a totally free plugin and very easy to use. This contact form plugin comes with a drag and drop interface, so you can easily create forms and modify it according to your need. This plugin already has pre-made contact form templates or if you want to create a new one, simply choose a blank form.

With Everest form, you can build many different types of forms with a wide range of variations, multiple columns, reCAPTCHA, and more.

Add Row button allows you to add a new row. Also, you can customize its parameters and details by clicking on any field on the right.

By using a shortcode you can add it to your website.



  • Free

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