What is wordpress and why we use wordpress?


Kadirul islam

On August 18, 2019

WordPress is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) platform based on PHP and MySQL. But it’s probably the easiest & most powerful platform for blogging and website creation.

If you’re ever curious about who uses WordPress or why use ? head on over to the global WordPress sites showcase. And you will be impressed by the numbers of well-known famous peoples using this CMS. To power their websites and 30% Websites build by WordPress.

1.Top 5 benefits of using WP:

  1. The main reason it is popular is the software is free. None another platform will give you that much facility at free of cost.
    And if you want to upscale your website little more, you can do it with premium themes and plugins. But you’re still going to save your money instead of paying for custom designed websites.
  2. It’s easy to use for everyone. If you know basic things of computer like how you can send an email, use MS Word, or how to set up an Instagram or Facebook account then you can easily use wordpress just like other basis work. You can easily add or delete pages and posts your blogs or articles without a mess of your site.
  3. As of now, you know everything about wordpress you can easily handle all other things in your control. whenever you face any kind of difficulties you just hire a developer who fully expertise on it, just hire them and fix it in your budget instead of spending lots of money.
  4. WordPress sites have a search engine (SEO) advantages. Search engines love those sites that are easy to index and those sites that have frequently updated contents. That’s why most of the bloggers use also for blogging.
    And just by running your business or personal site and communicating easily with your readers in a way that’s natural to you. then you’ll be producing fresh, unique, relevant contents so, the search engines can’t wait to get a hold of it.
  5. One of the most popular reason people comes in the wordpress platform for their business or personal sites, this has HUGE support community. So, wordpress is not just a software or platform, it has become a community in web development platform.
    in other words, it is a revolution of the website development platforms. Plus, there are thousands of people who already working on wordpress. As a result, hundreds of resource and video tutorial sites set up just to help you with your site effortlessly.

There is Misconception between WordPress.org and wordpress.com, for more details read this blog post Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org


2. Getting Started with WP:

I explained below how you will start quickly:

  1. Purchase a domain name for your website.
  2. Purchase a hosting plan from a trustworthy hosting company that also specializes in WP.
  3. Install the WP software on your hosting server.

a. Purchasing Your Domain Name for your website :

The first thing you need to have a website is must have a domain name. A domain name is what you type into a mobile or computer browser window to visit a site, such as http://www.example.com. A domain name is how anyone from anywhere in the world can access your website.

b. Setting Up Your Hosting Account :

For your website to appear on the world wide web(WWW) , it has to be hosted on a server. It’s a place for you to store all of your web site files and folder on the web. The more stuff you have the more storage space you need in your hosting server.
There are several web hosting companies that give a wide variety of hosting plans.So do careful about choosing a low-cost shared hosting plan, as many hosting companies overload their servers, which will impact the speed of your website.

c. Installing wordpress on your hosting server :

The final step is to install wordpress on your hosting server. Most hosting companies give complete instructions on installing wordpress or also gives services to install WP. By using a quick-install setting is an easy way to get your wordpress installation up and working, but the downside is that it does leave some security loopholes. For that reason I will recommend to you may need to consider installing WordPress manually.

3. Video tutorial for manual wordpress installation: 

Video Credits Elegant Themes


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